Let's Collaborate!

 At Pasithea, we are passionate about creating beautiful, sustainable sleepwear and homewares that enhance your comfort and home. We cherish collaborations that inspire growth and bring our sustainable values to a broader audience. Whether you’re an influencer, a creative, or another brand, we see a world of possibilities in working together.


Affiliate Partnerships
Are you ready to earn by sharing? Join our Affiliate Program and get rewarded for spreading the word about our sustainable products. We make it easy and beneficial for you.


Influencer Collaborations

Do you love engaging with your audience about sustainability and mindful living? Team up with us to craft authentic, inspiring content that resonates with eco-conscious individuals.


Co-Branding Partnerships
We adore uniting with other brands to create exceptional, co-branded products. If you share our commitment to sustainability and unique design, let’s surprise and delight our customers together.


Enhance our mutual marketing efforts by joining forces. It’s a win-win situation—more exposure for us both and a broader range of eco-friendly products for our customers.


Connect With Us
Keen to create something wonderful together? Send us a message at, and let’s explore how we can bring sustainable magic into the lives of our customers.