The Benefits of Bamboo for Bedding and Sleepwear

Written by: Anthea Donald

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Dreaming of a good night’s sleep? With the line between work and home life becoming increasingly blurred, creating a relaxing sanctuary to drift off to sleep has become more important. And while not all your sleep woes can be solved by upgrading your bedding (*ahem kids, work and the general pace of life), at the very least your sheets can make it easier to get settled in. 

Creating a relaxed space for sleeping means choosing sleepwear and bedding that allows you to move comfortably and stops you from overheating. Our body temperature can drop by as much as two degrees during the night, which is why we can find it so much harder to sleep on balmy summer evenings. So opt for fabrics that help you maintain a comfortable temperature to keep you from tossing and turning. 

Why we love bamboo fabric 

One of the reasons bamboo is such a great choice for sleepwear and bedding is because it is naturally breathable and thermoregulating. The smooth, flat weave allows warm air to pass easily through the fabric, keeping you cool in summer while helping to insulate your body during the colder months. 

Bamboo also wicks away moisture so you don’t wake up feeling hot and sweaty on warm nights. 

It’s basically the Goldilocks of bedding: the perfect weight and breathability for all seasons. Never too hot or too cold; always just right. 

What makes bamboo so deliciously cosy to sleep under? The bamboo fibre itself has a smooth, round surface. This texture gives it a beautifully soft feel that drapes wonderfully and feels silk-like against the skin. 

It also has a slight sheen that gives the fabric and fresh, crisp look. Like a five-star hotel without the five-star prices. Bamboo feels deliciously cool when you first get into bed and envelops you in a kind of cloud-like softness. 

If you have sensitive skin or allergies, bamboo makes an ideal choice. The smooth surface won’t pull at your skin and bamboo’s naturally hypoallergenic properties means less irritation. 

Bamboo makes for the kind of flowy pyjamas you can slip into and pretend you have nothing more pressing to do with your day than decide what to eat for breakfast. Exuding the kind of effortless luxe usually reserved for early century screen starlets. But so comfortable you’ll think nothing of wearing them for an entire afternoon of Netflix and chocolate. 

Perhaps the best thing about bamboo is it offers a sustainable alternative to other natural fibres. Bamboo grows quickly and regenerates easily. It’s naturally pest-resistant so can be grown without hazardous pesticides. And it uses a fraction of the water of other crops like cotton or flax.

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