Women's Robes

Our Bamboo and Organic Cotton Womens Robes Made exclusively from sustainable fabrics. Each certified by Global Standards Organisations OEKO-TEX and GOTS

Women's Bathrobe and Kimono's by Pasithea

Embrace the comfort and luxury of Pasithea's womens robes. Recognised for delivering exceptional 5-Star quality, Pasithea offers bathrobes and cover-ups that combine the softness of organic fabrics with elegant design.

Material Excellence

Crafted from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton. Pasithea bathrobes provide a luxurious plush outer lining combined with a looped terry inner. This ensures superior absorbency as well as stylish comfort.

Design and Comfort

Choosing the right bathrobe involves measuring comfort, convenience and style. So our range of bathrobes have been designed provide a relaxed and generous fit combined with refined details like piping, deep pockets, and generous length.

Choosing Your Perfect Robe

Select a robe that aligns with your comfort needs and style preferences. Whether it's our bamboo kimono, classic collared robe or the popular womens hooded robe

Sustainable Luxury

Made from eco-friendly materials and designed with the environment in mind, this bathrobe aligns with your values of sustainability and ethical fashion. Experience the luxury of a bathrobe made from the finest organic materials and commit to a lifestyle of sophisticated sustainability.

Indulge in the soft embrace of Pasithea's Women's robes - where comfort meets elegance in eco-conscious fashion.


Organic and sustainable materials benefit both the consumer and the environment. Grown and produced without the use of harmful pesticides and chemicals, with the added benefits of feeling softer against the skin and reducing irritation. Requiring less water and energy to produce and being bio-degradable, ensures our sleepwear is not only luxurious and comfortable, but also environmentally and socially responsible.

Attention to detail and commitment to quality. Each robe is designed with luxury and longevity in mind, from the selection of the finest organic cotton to the precision of the stitching. The generous length and weight of our robes provide a feeling of enveloping warmth and comfort, while the tailored fit and adjustable features, such as waist ties and deep pockets, add practicality. This attention to design details sets our robes apart, making them a preferred choice for those seeking a blend of elegance and comfort in their loungewear.

Our bathrobes are manufactured to the highest standards using 100% premium 420gsm organic cotton terry. Maintaining the plushness and softness of your organic cotton robe is simple. We recommend washing your robe in warm water with like colours using a gentle, eco-friendly detergent. Avoid bleach and fabric softeners to maintain the integrity of the fibres. For drying, tumble dry on a low setting or hang out to dry. This approach will help maintain the robe's luxurious feel for years to come.

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