Our sustainabilty commitment

How We Design for Sustainabilty

At Pasithea, our mission is to offer alternatives to the commonly used, often un-sustainable fabrics in the world of luxury sleepwear and bedding. Guided by a commitment to ethical practices as well as sustainability and the promotion of good health.

Bringing our dream to life has taken us on a long journey to find suppliers and partnerships that align with our values; businesses that innovate and endeavour to do better.

While we recognise that we may not always achieve 100% perfection, we continuously strive to offer products that not only comfort and care for our customers but also respect and preserve the environment and are beneficial to society as a whole.


The Bamboo Lyocell fabric used to create our sleepwear and bedding has been tested and approved according to OEKO-TEX®, a globally recognised textile standards body. Guaranteeing that there are no harmful chemicals used in the growing, harvesting or dyeing process

The Bamboo plant is known for its carbon neutrality, water efficiency, and its ability to regenerate rapidly. One of the most innovative aspects of Bamboo Lyocell is its production through a closed-loop system. This process retains the solvent and water used in the fibre extraction process which is then recycled and reused in a loop, minimising waste and greatly reducing environmental impact.

Organic Cotton

Our Robes carry the GOTS (Global Organic Textile standard) certification. This certification not only guarantees that our cotton is cultivated free from harmful pesticides and fertilisers, protecting farmers, soil health, and surrounding ecosystems, but also ensures the comprehensive ethical treatment of workers throughout the entire production process.

GOTS mandates stringent environmental stewardship, covering everything from the responsible use of resources and energy, to the management of waste, ensuring our practices contribute positively to environmental conservation. Additionally, it upholds rigorous product safety standards, requiring that our robes are free from toxic chemicals and harmful substances, thereby ensuring the well-being of our customers.

Recylcling with a heart

Giving Back

Our vision extends to ensuring that we have a positive impact in the communities we service

Our commitment has grown over time, encompassing regular product donations to organisations including the Red Cross and, more recently, forming a partnership with ‘Thread Together.’ This new collaboration is very exciting for us, we love their ethical response to fashion excess and the numerous communities they assist. We were delighted to learn that sleepwear was one of the categories in which they required further support. Our donations have been made up of samples, overstock, and unworn returned items.

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