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Luxury Sleepwear Celebrates Style and Sustainability

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If there's anything that weeks (months) of lockdown have shown us, it’s how much joy there can be had in just lounging around the house. Dressed in our most comfortable pieces, we’ve embraced a slower pace of life.

But embracing comfort doesn’t have to mean eschewing style. After all, we know dressing well is a mood booster. And opting for more tailored pieces means being ready for an impromptu Zoom call at any moment.

This fusion of comfort and style is one of the core principles of Pasithea’s first collection of sustainable sleepwear. Elegant cuts and elements of classic tailoring give these pieces a refined edge. While the beautifully soft bamboo fabric ensures all-day comfort. Our sleepwear is made to move with you, something you wear to relax and feel yourself.

This consideration extends beyond the look and feel of the collection. Sustainability has been a core pillar for the brand from when we first started to develop it in 2019.

Why is sustainable sleepwear important?

Long before we started Pasithea, we were concerned about the negative impact of the global fashion and textile industry.

As much as 10 percent of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions come from the fashion industry. And the average Australian throws away 23kg of clothing each year – clothing often made from synthetic fibres that won’t break down easily.

When we founded Pasithea, it was with the goal to be a force for good. We’ve been determined to do things better, at every stage of the process.

All of the fabrics we use for our luxury sleepwear and bed linen are natural and sustainably-sourced, from the bamboo fabric used for our sleepwear and sheets to the GOTS-certified cotton used in the luxe bathrobes.

We package our products in bamboo fabric drawstring bags that can be reused for shopping, travelling or to safely store your Pasithea garments between use.

Orders are sent in biodegradable, earth friendly satchels. These can be added straight into your home compost or worm farm to be safely broken down in just a few months.

The focus on style and sustainability has also meant creating a product that can stand the test of time, with considered elements like French seams to give your garment longevity. And our sleepwear isn’t created for seasonal trends. Rather, each piece is designed to be worn and washed many times over.

What does it mean to be a sustainable sleepwear brand?

The term ‘sustainability’ has been thrown around a lot lately. We believe it’s important to be transparent about what we mean.

Pasithea’s suppliers are certified by International industry groups for ethical and sustainable production. These organisations are helping to set the standard for brands and help consumers understand just what values they strive for.

Our bamboo fabric is OEKO-TEX certified, which means it has been produced without the use of hazardous chemicals. OEKO-TEX is an independent product testing system that labels and certifies the safety of textiles and textile products.

The Global Organic Textile Standard, known as GOTS, is the leading standard when it comes to organic fabric. To be certified by GOTS, a fabric has to contain at least 70 percent organic natural fibres. Any chemicals used in the process, like dyes, must meet specific standards for toxicity and wastewater management.

The GOTS certification also covers the textile production process, which includes fair labour practices and the assurance that any substances used as part of the manufacturing process are safe for human contact.

For us, sustainability goes beyond the sourcing of our fabrics and materials. Ensuring that products are made ethically is also part of our mission.

Our suppliers are members of Sedex, one of the world’s leading ethical trade organisations that works with businesses to assess and improve labour conditions across the supply chain. Our suppliers are also members of Amfori, a global business organisation that aims to foster trade with purpose by promoting open and sustainable trade.

Our work towards sustainability is ever-evolving and, while we’re not perfect, we know making considered decisions can lessen our impact on the planet.

Most of all, we believe sustainability comes from buying less, buying better and cherishing what you choose to bring into your home. This means favouring natural materials, opting for versatile styles and choosing higher quality pieces that will last longer than a single season.

Discover our first collection of luxury sleepwear and bedding crafted with care and meticulous attention to detail. Browse stylish and comfortable pyjamas for women and men, as well as soft bamboo bed linen for the whole family.

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