Unveiling the Tale of Our Hooded Robe: A Journey from Wanderlust to Sustainable Luxury

Written by: Anthea Donald

Posted on:

Amidst our love for travel and small luxury hotels, an idea was born. To create a truly indulgent Bathrobe. We embarked on a quest to capture all the features we adored and transform them into something truly exceptional. Our vision was clear – to design a unique robe that would not only embody the epitome of luxury but also prioritize sustainability, aligning with our commitment to the environment.

Every aspect of our Robe was meticulously thought through, ensuring that no detail was overlooked. The first priority was the fabric. We wanted it to be as luxurious as possible, so we selected the finest 100% organic cotton, certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). This certification gave us confidence that the cotton was grown using environmentally friendly practices, without the use of harmful chemicals.

The next consideration was the weave, and how the fabrication feels against the skin. We wanted our customers to experience a true sense of indulgence, so we selected a plush velvet cut outer, providing our robes with a rich texture. Whilst the inner has been made with a terry weave allowing for breathability and quicky drying. At 420 grams, our hooded robe strikes the perfect balance between weight and comfort. It's substantial enough to provide a cozy and enveloping feel, yet still light and breathable for ultimate relaxation

But we didn't stop there. We knew that the small details matter, we made sure it was extra-long and oversized, allowing for a relaxed and comfortable fit. The addition of a hood added a touch of practicality, perfect for those moments when you want to cocoon yourself in pure bliss and solitude. We incorporated flat pockets into the robe, ensuring a sleek and streamlined look while providing a convenient place to keep essentials close at hand.

As we poured our love and dedication into the creation of this robe, we were delighted to see how it was received by our hotel partners and customers alike. Small luxury hotels welcomed our hooded robe as the sign of their commitment to exceptional guest experiences and sustainability, and our customers couldn't get enough of the luxurious comfort it provided.

Our dedication to sustainability and our passion for creating a truly indulgent robe caught the attention of The Ethicalist,a platform dedicated to showcasing ethical and sustainable products. To be featured in such a reputable publication was an honor and further validation of our commitment to producing something extraordinary while caring for the planet.

So, as we continue our journey, we invite you to experience the pure luxury and sustainable indulgence of our hooded robe. It's a testament to our love for small luxury hotels, our attention to detail, and our desire to create something that exceeds expectations. Wrap yourself in its plush embrace and let the world melt away as you bask in the lap of sustainable luxury.



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