Lightweight Breathable bamboo Lyocell
Mens Sleepwear - Pasithea Sleep


While bamboo is a sustainable resource, not all bamboo products are equally eco-friendly. The sustainability varies based on harvesting, manufacturing, and disposal practices. Our 100% bamboo lyocell fabric stands out for its eco-conscious production, utilising a closed-loop process that minimises waste and environmental impact, ensuring a truly sustainable choice for consumers.

Bamboo Lyocell is very easy to care for. Gentle machine washing and line drying will ensure this product maintains its softness and lustre for years to come. Another benefit of bamboo is its anti-bacterial properties. This allows for less washing than similar synthetic products. A cold gentle wash and line drying will ensure your bamboo lyocell product will bring years of sleeping and lounging comfort.

Organic and sustainable materials benefit both the consumer and the environment. Grown and produced without the use of harmful pesticides and chemicals, with the added benefits of feeling softer against the skin and reducing irritation. Requiring less water and energy to produce and being bio-degradable, ensures our sleepwear is not only luxurious and comfortable ,but also environmentally and socially responsible.

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